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Imyst, Inc. Corporate History

Revolutionizing Mystery Shopping:

Imyst was founded on the belief that a mystery shopping company could be established that exceeded all current standards. By using the most qualified programmers and technicians we would be able to create a company, operating entirely over the Internet, that redefined the way market research and mystery shopping is undertaken. We wanted to provide clients with the highest quality products, in the shortest turnaround time, and at the lowest possible price. By completing each step of the market research and mystery shopping process over the Internet we were able to meet all of the goals we set out to achieve.

Company Specifics:

Our staff is composed of highly qualified computer programmers, and of course individuals who are extremely familiar with the market research and mystery shopping industry. Imyst was founded in 1999 to meet the needs of any client that desires to improve or maintain their customer satisfaction. Imyst incorporated in May, 2000, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We currently have multiple offices located within Ann Arbor.

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