Thursday, February 22, 2024 
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Imyst, Inc. Corporate Profile

Our Approach To Market Research:

Imyst, Inc. is a market research company that operates entirely over the Internet, servicing any client that desires an easy, cost-effective, and quality approach to improving customer satisfaction and productivity. By fully integrating market research over the Internet, the client receives superior responses at a lower cost than any other market research company.

Success Through Mystery Shopping:

Our company strives to provide clients with the highest quality mystery shopping and market research in the industry. By working with the client, we are able to compile the most efficient and effective surveys possible. These surveys are completed by the clientís customers and/or imystís own independent contractors as demanded. From these completed surveys, Imyst compiles a summary of the data that enables clients to make more informed business decisions. Our data is constantly checked for errors, and is presented in a pleasant and easy-to-read format for our clients.

Why Our Mystery Shopping Programs Are The Best:

As a mystery shopping company we utilize the talents of only the highest quality shoppers, who visit the client's location as an ordinary customer performing client specific tasks. We implement a comprehensive internal grading system for our shoppers, so that the client is assured of only the most qualified shoppers evaluating their locations. Imyst allows the client to analyze their customer service on a broad-spectrum, as well as concentrate on specific details as they so desire. After visiting the locations, our shoppers fill out a client-specific evaluation form, based on their visit, shortly after leaving the establishment. We immediately process the results and produce a thorough, concise, and easy to interpret report from the shopper evaluation form. This provides the client with the most up to date information on how they are meeting, or failing to meet, their customer service demands. All of the evaluations are composed of factual questions, and do not include opinion, thus eliminating personal bias. Through our reports, clients can better understand the quality of their customer service, allowing them to pinpoint the areas they need to improve with respect to past performance, intra-franchise operations, and industry-wide standards.

How Our Mystery Shopping Programs Can Help You:

We tailor to the needs of specific clients whether they are retail, full-service or fast food restaurants, patient care, service providers, or any other field where customer service is of the utmost importance. Working with the client, we design specific tasks that our shoppers will complete, as well as the evaluation form for the shoppers to submit. From the information the shoppers provide, we compose branch-specific reports that are simple to understand and that can be viewed on the client pages located on our website, or in hardcopy form, as the client demands. Clients determine how often they would like visits to occur at the locations and what specific tasks the shopper is to complete for each visit. Our programs are always completed for every location specified, by the deadline determined by the client, and our reports are of the highest quality. If your company relies on customer interaction we feel that Imyst will provide you with the most ideal means of improving your business. We invite you to contact us now to see how we can improve your operations, customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase your profits.

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