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Market Research Services

Program Overview

Market research is important to the success of any company. Understanding the customersí needs is essential for every business. Our market research program enables our clients to create surveys, working with our employees, that suit each specific clientís requirements. The standard market research program is the primary market research program we offer. However, if your company demands another form of market research, please feel free to contact us to discuss imystís capabilities to service your business.

Customer Service Program

Imyst offers its standard market research program that involves taking surveys of actual customers as they leave the client stores or websites. We work with the client to create the questionnaire to be asked to willing customers as they exit the client's store or website. By determining how actual customers feel about their service, the client is able to obtain a larger base of information about their service. Thus, the client is able to see how they met the demands of actual customers, immediately after their experience, while it is still fresh in their minds. This program allows information to be viewed by the client online with custom generated statistics and comparisons.

Consulting Services

Our job does not end once we have completed your market research program and presented you with the results. Our experienced staff goes beyond other market research firms, helping you use the information obtained through our programs to improve your existing operations. Through our consulting services we help your business maximize the productivity and effectiveness of every Imyst market research program.

For Additional Information

If you would like to have an Imyst representative contact you, or would like to request a detailed quote for your program, please fill out a brief form and send us a contact request by clicking here.

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