Friday, July 19, 2024 
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Scam/Fraud Alert Targeting Mystery Shoppers

Imyst, Inc. is a market research company that regularly utilizes mystery shoppers to complete assignments throughout the United States and Canada. However, there have been recent cases where individuals or organizations are using Imyst, Inc.'s name without our company's consent to perpetrate a check scam or other scheme in which the target will lose personal funds. For these reasons, we do not provide assignment information or directly contact individuals that are not registered with our company.

If you were contacted directly by an organization offering jobs via either email or LinkedIn, and the email address does not end with "", it is not from IMYST, INC. Employees of Imyst, Inc. will only use email addresses that end with the "" domain. The documentation that was sent to you contains fraudulent information, and is in no way affiliated with Imyst, Inc. or Do not follow any instructions within this email. For more information regarding this scam, please click here to view the MSPA's tips to help mystery shoppers avoid scams.

Note that following instructions within these scams will cause the loss of personal funds. A recent scheme involves a check cashing scam where the perpetrator will send you a fraudulent cashier's check and ask you to cash the fraudulent check. Afterwards they will request that you wire funds to them before the check clears. This scam typcially involves initial contact via either a throw-away email address (NOT an "" email address) or a hacked LinkedIn account.

If you are contacted regarding a scam using our company name, please notify us via email at with scanned copies of any documentation that you received. Furthermore, we strongly recommend contacting one or more of the following:

- your local police department

- the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center at

- the Federal Trade Commission at

When contacting local authorities, please be sure to provide accurate information regarding the person(s) perpetrating the scam so that they can assist you.

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