Telephone Mystery Shopping

Our online and telephone mystery shopping programs offer you the essential feedback you need to ensure your employees are handling each and every phone call or Internet lead appropriately, whether your employees are setting appointments, making sales calls, answering questions, or handling returns and complaints.

Imyst Online and Telephone Mystery Shopping Solutions

With hundreds of thousands of mystery shoppers throughout North America, we have the ability to use only local mystery shoppers to conduct evaluations to guarantee a recognizable area code, dialect, and regional familiarity.

We also offer audio recorded telephone evaluations as needed to compliment your customized report, which serves as an invaluable training tool for your employees. Also, reports are made available to the client within 48 hours of being conducted, so that you can instantly address problem areas or reward employees for doing things the right way. Ultimately, our online and telephone mystery shopping services guarantee that your employees are treating each and every customer exactly the way that you expect and demand.

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