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mystery shopping services

Loss Prevention Programs

No other loss prevention method can replace simple, effective feedback from anonymous mystery shoppers to give you an unparalleled overview of your employee integrity and preventative strategies to isolate potential causes of inventory shrinkage.

You canít be everywhere all of the time, which is why it is increasingly important to use our experienced mystery shoppers to ensure that your business is running smoothly, efficiently, and without theft when not under your watchful eye. We use our decades of industry experience to create custom solutions for your organization, allowing our experienced mystery shoppers to carefully monitor your key transactions and customer touch points on an ongoing basis.

We work with companies throughout a variety of industries to ensure that your employees are conforming to corporate standards, and maintaining a legal, ethical, and compliant workplace. Whether you are in the restaurant, bar, retail, theater, parking, hotel, or financial industry it is essential that you regularly utilize mystery shoppers to monitor all areas of potential loss:
  • All Customer Ordered Items are Properly Itemized and Invoiced
  • Accurate Liquor Pours and Food Portion Control
  • Transactions are Handled Correctly and Placed in the Register
  • Identify any Potential Employee Theft
  • Correct Change and Receipts are Delivered to Customers
  • Employee Time Clock and Staffing
  • Hidden Video Monitoring
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